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 We stayed in Serpa for one week before me and Harry went North to Castelo Branco and Andy and Lou went to meet Lou's brother at Málaga airport. Harry had got quite badly sunburnt by this time and wasn't enjoying it very much. Consequently the summer holidays turned into a two week dash around Portugal. We visited Évora and the chapel of bones and got lost when I forgot where we had parked the van, we climbed up to the castle in Castelo Branco and visited the Episcopal Gardens (Jardim do Antigo Pao Episcopal). Episcopal Gardens
Harriet Harry and two black swans.
 The unique 18th-century Episcopal Gardens (Jardim do Antigo Pao Episcopal) contains formal baroque terraces, banks of flowers, ornamental fishponds, and fountains. The most striking features, however, are the geometrically arranged topiary box hedges. More than a hundred statues are grouped in themes including the signs of the zodiac, the Apostles, the continents, ¨Faith, Hope, and Charity¨, the seasons, and the kings of Portugal. The mischievous sculptor was evidently a patriot, since the figures of Spanish-dominated kings are noticeably smaller. (I nicked this bit out the guide book). Harriet with the kings
Harriet with some flowers Harriet with some fishes

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