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 Due to some marvelous anti-inflamatory drugs that the doctor gave me, I was up and about by mid June. I felt so much better that I decided to go back to Portugal for a while, and seeing as it was almost school summer holidays I asked my oldest daughter, Harriet, if she wanted to come to Portugal for the holidays. She thought it sounded like a good scheme and so we flew down from Manchester airport on July 27. We met Andy and Louise his girlfriend at Faro and then went up to Serpa which is a peaceful market town with a whitewashed old quarter according to the guidebook.  Me Andy, Louise, and Harriet .
 The Spaniards blew up much of the 13th-century castle in 1707, but the remaining walls offer great views over the town's terracotta roofs and the sweeping fertile plains. It also has a Municipal campsite with a super swimming pool. Castle gate at Serpa.
Harriet at the swimming pool. Andy's awning.

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