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 I continued through Spain only stopping once near Valladolid to sleep for the night. The next day I continued onward to Portugal where I once again entered the country near Vilar Formoso and then on to Guarda avoiding the mountain roads that had broken my motorbike. Guarda
 I meandered down through Portugal stopping to top up my suntan fairly regularly as it had begun to fade by this time. I passed through Castelo Branco where I called in at the shop to get some beers and some food and continued south stopping for the night just outside Portalegre in the foothills of the Serra de So Mamede near the Spanish border Sunset over Portalegre
Main square Redondo  The next day I continued south passing through Redondo where they have marble quarries and a castle, eventually arriving in Faro late in the afternoon of February 26th recovered my bike from its resting place and tried to start it. It started straight away and so I leapt on and set off down the road. At the first speed bump I remembered my bad back, or more to the point, it reminded me of its presence. The second hump was bigger than the first and I was fighting back tears as I turned around and rode back to the van. (This was the last time I rode it!)
The catherdral in the old city of Faro (complete with cranes nest and crane) Another crane

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