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Mad Micks' Travels

  So for those of you still remotely interested in my life of leisure, the story continues. I got back to England at the end of November 1999, and proceeded to look for a van, the criteria was:- A high top roof, a diesel engine and preferably white. The choice was tremendous, but so were the prices being asked, I eventually settled on a Leyland-Daf 400, which although wasn't my first choice, it was (a) the right price and (b) fitted the description. My Van
Me, my van and my bad back.  This was early in December. The plan at this time was to return to Faro at the beginning of February to pick up the bike and carry on where I left off, doing sod all and liking it!

 Like all good plans this one came unstuck just prior to completion. On 29th January whilst carrying a computer I felt a searing pain in my lower back. This incapacitated me for almost three weeks.

  So two weeks later than planned I loaded various cardboard boxes and other junk into the back of the van and set off towards Portugal. I crossed the channel on 22nd February and just headed south. me in my travelling clothes

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