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  While I was staying at Faro, Paul returned in an ex-ambulance camper van he bought in England. He brought my tube with him, but it was too late.  
  This is fellow camper Andy Seavill, a retired chap from Wales who is convinced he is going to be eaten by a shark! Nice chap all the same.
  Marc, a friendly German chap with an 8.5 tonne lorry/motorhome, an impressive vehicle with a real porcelain bathroom suite and a garage with two motorcycles on board.
  The remains of the promenade at Praia de Faro after the severe storm in November 1999. I returned to the UK on 20th November by air, the bike is sheeted down outside my favourite bar awaiting my return, which if all goes according to plan will be in February 2000.
 Praia de Faro

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