Two guys, two bikes & two tents.

A 1999 journey from Plymouth to Santander and onward to the Costa del Sol via Portugal.

DIY Puncture repairing

DIY Puncture repairing.

When we arrived in Évora, we booked in at the municipal campsite and after the tent erecting was completed, I took advantage of the hosepipe in the chemical toilet emptying bay, to find and hopefully fix the puncture that had plagued me since Castelo Branco. I found the tiniest of holes in the inner tube and put a big patch over it. After refitting and inflating the tyre, I ran water over it for ages, but could see no bubbles or any other sign of escaping air, and so I put the wheel back on the bike, convinced that I had sorted it at last.

While I was puncture mending, Paul had loaned his hammer out to a fellow camper who was having difficulty getting her tent pegs in.


I've brought your hammer back!

I've brought your hammer back!

Oh, right then

Oh, right then, can I interest you in a cup of tea?